American Union State: Arthur Bristol, Clifton B. Cates, Bruce C. Clarke, Jacob Devers, Henry Hodes, William Hood Simpson, Joseph Lawton Collins, Claire Lee Chennault, Matthew Ridgway, Pedro del Valle, George Van Horn Moseley, Anqing: Wang Pu, Peng Xuefeng, Shi Zhongcheng, Belgium: Achille Van Acker, Hendrik Borgignon, Raoul Daufresne de la Chevalerie, Georges Deffontaine, Edouard van den Bergen, Maurice Keyaerts, Albert Marteaux, Maximilien de Neve de Roden, Jean Baptiste Piron, Hubert Pierlot, Paul-Henri Spaak, Joris Van Severen, Paul Van Zeeland, Bhutan: Sonam Topgye Dorji, Jigme Wangchuk, Combined Syndicates of America: Upton Sinclair, Smedley Butler, Commune of France: Henri Frenay, Richard Sorge (operative), Egypt: Fuad I, Ahmed Abdullah Al Mwawi, Mohammed Naguib, Sabry Pasha, El Salvador: Maximiliano Hernandez Martinez, Fengtian Government: Ma Zhanshan, Tang Yulin, Wan Fulin, Zhang Haipeng, Zhang Jinghui, Zang Shiyi, Zhang Xueliang (civilian and general), Feng Zhanhai, Yang Yuting, Galicia and Lodomeria: Stanisaw Szeptycki, German Empire: Heinrich Bruning, Curt Hasse, Franz Jacob, Kurt Schumacher, Otto Wels, Wilhelm III (civilian and general), Hawaii: Lydia Liliuo'kalani, Samuel King, Walter Short, Arthur Rutledge, Ireland: Tom Barry, Cathal Brugha (civilian and general), Michael Collins, Daniel Hogan, Liam Lynch, Hugo MacNeill, Daniel McKenna, Richard Mulcahy (civilian), J.J. O'Connell, Gearid Cuinneagin, Peadar ODonnell, Left Kuomintang: Hu Zongnan, Zhou Enlai (civilian and general), Lithuania: Vytautas Alantas, Edvardas Adamkaviius, Vincas Galinis, Antanas Maceina, Stasys Rastikis, Vaclovas Sidzikauskas, Eberhard von Urach, Lucjan eligowski, Silvestras ukauskas, Mexico: Vincente Toledano, Antonio Villareal. Electing RadSoc leader Jerzy Sochachki for Poland no longer adds Totalists to the coalition. Decreased the amount of forts in Shanxi to try and stop as many stalemates occurring. Fixed Yang Yuting being usable as a minister when he is dead. Austria can now intervene against the Internationale if the Russian Socialist Republic is involved in the war. Egypt and the Entente will be able to make peace after National France collapsed, QIE AI will only attack SHX if they won the LEP intervention, player still can if they lost but they'll lose a lot of PP, Finished callsigns, also MAF now has GER names instead of vanilla. Standardised the attack decisions for the National Protection Alliance. Mittelafrika can now get licenses from Germany for free. Removed the old Maximiliano Martinez portrait for El Salvador. Fixed Zhang Tianran not dying after the event featuring his death. Scandinavia now has a World News Event if it forms. Germany's army tree is no longer tied to specific doctrines. Fixed broken unit frontlines in Minnesota. The Habsburg archdukes in Galicia and Lodomeria, and Hungary, now rejoin Austria when Danubia forms. Adjusted Zhang Zongchangs leader description. South Africas Black Monday is no longer auto-solved by the Boer War. Bulgaria can now get a fifth research slot. Persia's monarchs are now actually called "Shah" instead of "Prince". Fixed South Africa not being released with Botswana. Added a new focus tree for Fevzi Cakmaks regime, Libya can now move its capital to Benghazi or Tripoli when it conquers them, Added a lot more event pictures to National France, Changed a few idea icons for National France, Ziraat Bankasi icon for OTT no longer features the words Turkish Republic, New portraits for Muhamed Husan in Tanzania and Ivan Valkov in Bulgaria, Corrected the population numbers of Chad, South Chad, Ubangi-Shari and Eastern Neukamerun, Changed the border of the South Chad state. Fixed revolter Siam losing its green colour upon winning the civil war. Rebalanced the Ma Cliques focus trees for Ma Lin and Ma Bufang to be more competitive with each other. Candidate-specific election events for CSA, PSA and USA. For other modders out there, we strongly suggest you avoid puppets of puppets at all costs, Long Yun couping the LKMT in Yunnan is no longer locked out of his focus tree, Mexico will now warn CEN before invading it, and the timer for them to invade has been increased from 14 days to 30 in order to give the Central Americans a bigger window to prepare, Fixed Jabal Shammar being locked out of its political tree, Can now actually release Chinese regional tags in annexation decisions, Ukrainian Generals are no longer in Socialist Russia, Fixed a double-firing event in National France, Fixed Mindaugas leading the Lithuanian revolt, Fixed a puppet Switzerland causing its overlord to peace out with France, Finland will now leave Mitteleuropa when appropriate, Japan now loses the Mantetsu idea if they lose control over Manchuria, Olson now gets a higher starting popularity to account for the new ideology, Syria is now only called Syria, not Syrian or Syriac on the map, Fixed Central America joining the Entente while at war with Canada, Fixed Southern Slovakia and Bucovina not being correctly transferred on release, Albania can no longer attack other countries if in faction with Austria, Fixed the JOR Disorganised Revolt ideas being added multiple times, Fixed the Russian release of Romania giving parts of Transylvania and blocking the mission, If all the member countries die, LEC returns to China, Reworded a Finnish event to account for Ukraine possibly being socialist, The West Indies will now have their socialist tree unlocked upon being released as a puppet, Fixed the inverted Sichuan-Tibet peace deal outcomes, Recoded general transfers in Central America, Fixed Iraq and Arabia being released as each other, Fixed Poland being able to occupy a dead Germany, Fixed the Mitteleuropa events having the wrong title and firing for the wrong countries, Panamanian Profit idea now removed if PAN is hostile or non-existent, German East Asia can no longer declare war on a dead Legation Cities, Five Eyes Programme focus for the UK now works properly for non-LaR owners, Greater Germany no longer gets cores on Italian and Slovenian lands, Fixed a case of a CUB flag not being set and locking the focus tree, The Netherlands will no longer release Insulindia or go into exile twice, Fixed HOL becoming socialist and breaking the Insulindian Revolution (again), Iceland now leaves Mitteleuropa when leaving Mitteleuropa, The event for the king being captured will no longer fire for a puppet or socialist Canada/Australia, Fixed the Irish volunteers not disbanding after the end of the ACW, Fixed the USA attacking Puerto Rico during the Ceasefire, You can no longer lease factories or lend guns to a non existent Nanjing Clique as German East Asia, Yunnan capitulates really fast now if its in its civil war to avoid spooky behaviour, Another country besides Uruguay can now win the World Cup, Fixed an ideology change in Lombardys monarchist tree, You can now play as Shan or Kachin without having to use the console! Russia now requires full control of Georgia to demand Armenia. Added names for train equipment for Japan, and several Western Hemisphere countries. Opinion modifiers are now automatically added to newly-spawned countries. Fixed Belgium being able to get six research slots. Fixed Hong Kong not being given as a claim to Australasia when they own it. The Venetian Revolt has been reworked. Fixed Japan's Mantetsu focus being visible without the rest of the tree, and getting the collapse debuff twice. Fixed the forced resistance, and resistance removal effects for several countries. Added a description to Russias decisions to invite the Baltic States and Georgia to the Moscow Accord. Fixed CAN not being able to release a claimed AST. New England can now unlock the Liberate State decision, if they manually justify to enter the American Civil War. Albania now follows its guarantor into and out of factions, should their guarantor subsequently join or leave one. Ireland's news events no longer fire if regional news events are disabled. Increased the United States starting number of convoys from 100 to 350. Fixed Argentina's Potosi focus not accounting for Peru-Bolivia. Fixed Flanders not annexing itself to the Netherlands, in the Nation within a Nation path. Tweaked German air and industrial companies. German East Asias Admiralty National Spirit is now instead a leader trait. Fixed Romania not annexing Cernauti in a peace conference. Expanded the Po Valley strategic region, now shared between Italy and Austria. Fixed several participating characters in the American Civil War not being in their respective splinters for the Trial of post-war events. Removed the African Minors generic national focus tree for now, pending review of effects, and rebalancing with the new Irregular units. Fixed Chen Jiongming being invited to the Fengtian unification conference, even if at war with a Fengtian ally. Fixed Chen Jiongmings missing officer portrait. Transamur will now not join Japans economic sphere if they have a foreign policy game rule set. Fixed former Centroamerica countries freeing themselves from being a puppet by reforming Centroamerica. The peace deal for Greeces Megali Idea and Fight for Macedonia wars is now only available if Greece is the one to start the war, or joins on behalf of Cyprus. Canada now claims Ascension and Saint Helena. Changed the Iraqi king from Yusuf al-Sa'adun to Ajami al-Sa'adun, as the latter staying in charge of Muntafiq federation in KRs scenario is more likely. Fixed Mongolia starting with the wrong national focus tree. Cosmetic tag [edit | edit source]. Increased the size of the Northern Canada impassable region. VNC's naval transfer to ITA is now immediate to avoid the capitulation deleting the fleet. Reordered the PLC tree a bit and prevented it from frequently being locked out of its foreign policy tree, Dvinsk is now properly given to the baltic states in annexations when owned, Ukraine should no longer send all of its units to Germany when the RP is at war, Hopefully fixed Russia being inundated with strikes forever, Fixed the partition of Ukraine between Poland and DKB firing if DKB does not exist. Uruguay's AI should now prioritise removing the Black Monday debuff. For the War in the Southern Cone, Argentina / Patagonia now get the ships of the other side, upon capitulation. Added descriptions to Sichuanese leaders L Chao and Xiong Kewu. Added a Wilfred Owen loading screen quote. Reworked the amount of World Tension that is gained or lost by countries joining different factions, now based on their strength relative to their proximity to Germany. Fixed the Twilight Struggle followup event being fired only once. Wallonias events no longer build factories in the US. Latvia now asks Estonia for an alliance instead of adding them automatically. The UK will target in peace conferences, and then no longer release, Malaysia or Sarawak unless decolonised. Fixed Qing not getting the correct attack decisions. Added coalitions to the Officer Department in SZC. Fixed missing AI factors of Peru decisions. Fixed Serbia being able to release Croatia and Bosnia, after declaring war on Military Occupation Austria. Added coalitions to the post-unification Federalist China elections. Fixed Poland trying to restore Sikorski when he isnt there. Fixed Confederation SIC not giving Savoy/Nice to a puppet Sardinia. Fixed countries not showing up as puppets in the Chinese alignment chart. Fixed Belgium not getting correctly renamed to Flanders-Wallonia, if Adalbert is restored. Removed starting CoF ace having bonuses to strategic bombers. Fixed Patagonia not being able to go RadSoc. Fixed the missing portrait for Rhodesias Ernest Guest. Fixed Germany's Liquidate Unprofitable Estates national focus targeting the Rhineland instead of Eastern Germany. South Africa now uses a common military tree. Fixed Mittelafrika being unable to complete the "Save the DKAEB" mission. Removed text about putting a German king in Spain in GER annexation event for SPA. Fixed Qing Rebuild from the flood damage' and 'Domestic Projects' decisions missing AI factors. In addition, we are very pleased to give you one of our greatest performance improvements to date as a result of our new division limit and our totally rewritten annexation decisions; details for both can be found below. All Chinese unifiers can now claim Mongolia & Tibet. I may be wrong for some of them, but here's what I think they are based on memory: authoritarian_democrat, social_conservative, market_liberal, social_liberal, social_democrat, radical_socialist, syndicalist, totalist, national_populist, paternal_autocrat. Fixed the African Minors focus tree giving the wrong effect from the Afrikakorps national spirit. Fixed the Ottoman Tripoli-Benghazi decision continuing when invalid. Fixed the Ottomans reaching 100% surrender limit. Fixed Lithuanias Wilhelm von Urach not showing up in Lithuania. Rebalanced the effects of several early game Monarchy-related decisions and national focuses for Poland. Austria will now prioritise the Decentralised Scheme while at peace. Player Ottomans now get Western Thrace even if not occupied. Sdwestafrika can no longer host the German Government in Exile if Mittelafrika collapses. The Ardennes can now be given to Wallonia. Fixed Armenia keeping socialist national spirits as a non-socialist puppet. Fixed the Second Russian Civil War not taking Kuban into account. Replaced Dutch syndicalist Harm Kolthek with Jacques de Kadt. Chad now starts with resistance and a low compliance, as intended. MarLibs will be added as a coalition partner of the Industrial Corps in Sichuan, if Liu Xiang and Liu Wenhui make an alliance. Syndicalist and RadSoc Combined Syndicates now have the same flag. Fixed the Reichspakt getting its units stuck in Entente Britain. Fixed the wrong event firing as part of a Flanders-Wallonia event chain. Greatly decreased the starting number of bunkers and coastal bunkers on the map. Fixed the Combined Syndicates elections firing all at once. Fixed an invalid Left Kuomintang division template. Added unique Japanese names for territories in Africa and the Pacific Islands. Fixed a Puerto Rico focus creating units via incorrect means. Liberia can no longer join the Reichspakt while its at war. Fixed members of the Sarajevo Accord being unable to join the Vienna Circle. British-controlled Kenya now declares on Zanzibar upon the collapse of Mittelafrika, if it is able to. NFA's revolter missions now cancel if it collapses. A player Lithuania can now do the naval foci if they build a large enough naval base. Egypt will no longer be randomly refused when offering African countries membership of the Cairo Pact. Fengtian should now always warn targets for war, Honduras is no longer stuck repeating its political turmoil event over and over. Fixed non-socialist Tripolitania keeping the Baath. Updated several Ethiopian national spirit icons. Fixed a Combined Syndicates focus swapping the Militias national spirit, after the end of the American Civil War. Fixed the Chetnik strength variable not being set if Bulgaria is already at war. The Fate of the Imperial Family now fires for whoever puppeted Japan. Releasing Serbian Yugoslavia no longer grants it all contested states - instead, the player/AI will then choose who to give them to. Greece no longer included in the Ottoman peace deal with the Cairo Pact if its a subject or part of a faction, Ottomans can only give the Aegean Islands to Greece during their population exchange if they own them, Greece can no longer take co-operation focus with Ottomans if the Ottomans have already taken their population exchange focus. Fixed the Legation Cities Tsingtau Collaboration, and other German-related national spirits staying around, after German East Asia has been defeated. Fixed Bulgaria being able to perform Opportunistic Strikes while in the middle of joining a faction. Fixed von Gring staying around after the Mittelafrikan collapse. Occupied Alfld event for Romania is a bit less frequent. Fengtian can now unite China even without forming a faction. Fixed the United Baltic Duchy being unable to core Memel. Fixed many missing national spirit descriptions and titles. France now attacks Belgium and the Netherlands together. Non-core states now give only 2% towards the unit limits, instead of 5%. Fixed German East Asia losing its generals upon capitulation instead of annexation. Tweaked the effects of Japans industrial concerns. Added peace conference rule for the Third Internationale to stay out of China and Southeast Asia if there are any Asian countries at the conference who are willing to take those states, Peace conference code has been sped up considerably, Bulgarian coup events are no longer limited by the Russian government - their chances of success are just influenced instead, Russian AI will now focus on the Caucasus first before Eastern Europe, if they can go after both, The Halbstarke error, which prevented Black Monday effects from being removed by Germany, has been fixed. Fixed Centroamerica democratic tree annexation of Panama. Fixed the Italian Republic remaining at war with Illyria after the Treaty of Budapest. The national foci leading to The Dust Settles no longer bypass after the Second American Civil War. Muselier is now in National France and Auphan now in the Commune of France as a retribution, Germany and Austria will now split up the Sudetenland if they are both carving up Bohemia in a peace conference, The option for Argentina to take Rio Grande do Sul in the Brazil annexation event has been removed, since they can neither claim nor core it, The American Union State can now ask to join the Entente, The Qings Manchu divisions now unlock after the completion of the League Intervention event chain, A Paternal Autocrat puppet Finland no longer keeps the German monarchy, Reworked the annexation events for France and its splinters, The improved marines techs for France and the USA now give their bonus to amphibious vehicles as well, Added annexation missions for Vilnius and Brest-Litovsk, The Netherlands will now evacuate Indonesia if in the Reichspakt and the latter is defeated by Japan, The capitulation events for UoB, CoF, and Italian states now work even if someone doesn't have the MtG DLC, Japan's "Support Allies" focus now actually opens up decisions for it, Andr Marty is no longer an admiral for both the Commune and the CNT, A non-authoritarian Canada can now support the AUS if the game rule has been set for them to do so, Took out all the code which would allow the AI to manually lower their conscription laws outside of the system to do so automatically once their wars are over, Kaiserreich Economic Policy event for Germany no longer adds factories to non-allied states, It's no longer possible for the Treaty of Irkutsk and the Treaty of Novosibirsk to fire at the same time for Transamur, If Canada intervenes in the ACW after the Deal with the Devil has already been struck, it is now included in the event to re-enter the war when the deal is later broken, Poland will no longer receive Regency Council events after the latter is ousted, The Armament Department will now correctly flee from Sichuan upon Liu Xiangs takeover, South Africas and Zimbabwes missions to defend their territory now auto-cancel if the war ends before their timeout, Poland no longer gets cores on Bucovina if granted the territory by a third power, Fixed a couple of Legation Cities events firing for the wrong targets, Military Occupation Austria will no longer release Croatia or Bosnia, Puppet Flanders can no longer change government via elections, Fixed a number of CSA planes spawning in the wrong state, South Africa will not receive events about Smuts government if the latter is removed, Russian puppets can now join the Academy of Sciences correctly, The Patagonian game rules no longer have inverted outcomes for Moderate and Radical Anarchists, The RSR now gets cores on Transamur upon coring Russia, If GEA loses the Indochinese war, Vietnam will be properly removed from the Reichspakt, Japan will keep its cores on Sakhalin and the Kurils even after the Fading Sun, Serbia will now attack Austria if Italy or Poland are already at war with them, Finnmark will be retained by Finland when Norway is released, Paraguay can no longer pull in the Internationale against Argentina, Fixed several Paraguayan foci giving factories in non-controlled states, Argentina can no longer take control of the railways twice, Kumul and East Turkestan now get cores on Aksai Chin, A released Chinese puppet now gets claims on all of China, Fixed tags randomly getting other nations division templates, Fixed all cases of Indian fortification foci placing forts in enemy states, The Swiss-French peace deal now returns Romandy and Upper Savoy if the latter were seized, Russia and Finland will no longer go to war every two months, Fixed Japan granting Chinese lands to unfriendly regimes, Russia: Karl Radek, Maksim Purkayev, Neon Antonov, Boris Annenkov, Fyodor Abramov, Konstantin Mamontov, Anatoliy Pepelyaev, Anton Turkul, Nudged the Turku port to the correct position, Arab endonyms are now applied to states if the Ottomans lose them. Fixed the annexation event for Galicia not giving Poland all of Galicia, if that option was chosen. Fixed NatPop Ottomans losing their focus tree if France, Russia or Britain change ideology. Dominion of India AI should be better at keeping its southern borders properly manned. Fengitan will now receive the option to cut industrial soy during the Great Drought sooner. The normal State Transfer Tool can no longer be enabled in multiplayer - it will always default to the multiplayer version instead. Changed the layout and tweaked the icons on the Mittelafrika focus tree. HOi4 console commands. Upon a pro-Japanese coup, all Chinese national governments will be prompted to declare war on the Fengtian Government. Fixed Zhukov staying behind in Patagonia. Renamed several Mittelafrikan victory points. Germanys Black Monday national spirit now has different modifiers. Slight province changes in Yemen to prevent bottlenecks. Added new economic decisions for Argentina and Patagonia. Highlights include, of course, the long awaited China update, the Italian rework, new naval changes, our largest ever performance improvement, an insane number of bug fixes and huge quality of life changes. It later changes name if it grows larger than the Austro-Hungarian Empire itself. Adjusted Chilean company logos to standard format. Kher, Charles Hamilton Boucher, Chithira Thirunal Balarama Varma, Francis Tuker, Ganga Singh, Geoffrey Scoones, Gurbaksh Singh Dillon, Hari Singh, Hastings Ismay, Herbert Fitzherbert, Jehangir Ratanji Dadabhoy Tata, Khengarji III Sawai Bahadur, Krishna Raja Wadiyar IV, Madapati Hanumantha Rao, Maharaja Ranbir Singh, Mahmood Khan Durrani, Mir Dast, M.N. Added Li Jiayu as a general for MarLib/SocCon Sichuan. Fixed a Sichuan infantry template missing a support company. Added custom difficulty settings for most major conflicts and alliances, GRE - can now have the outcome of the Monarchy Referendum chosen. Fixed Spanish Immigrants national spirit for Argentina. Germany's female suffrage event now fires upon the end of the WK instead. Venezuela will now attack the West Indies for Essequibo, and can offer the West Indies peace when they hold it for long enough, Siseno Ramos Sarmento added as the new natpop leader of Amazonas, Perus focuses are now all locked to ideology. Added the Patagonian Falklands development decisions to Argentina. Fixed Tsar Wrangel being replaced by a Kirill impersonating his son. Added some gun descriptions for Patagonia. Added a news event for the 1940 Tokyo Olympics. Fixed a Swedish event referring to the wrong state. Fixed the Defend South Africa for socialist South Africa automatically failing. Added a starting basic light tank variant for Australasia, Bharatiya Commune, Brazil, Denmark, Dominion of India, Finland, German splinter states, Greece, Lithuania, Mexico, the Netherlands, Norway, the Ottoman Empire, Persia, Princely Federation, Romania, Socialist Russia, Serbia, Ukraine, the United Baltic Duchy, White Ruthenia and the West Indies Federation. Fixed the restoration of the Federalist faction if Chen is betrayed by Zhang. Fixed the former Entente member flag not being cleared in the rare instance where the Entente collapses more than once. The French naval OOB no longer spawns the entire fleet in one port. Fixed a few Belgian national spirits not being removed. Tweaked Anqing Qing Anger credibility effects and added more tooltips for Qing Anger, Rebalanced the China resource decisions which were recently made available to all Chinese tags. Adjusted the Finnish-Russian border in Karelia, Added correct jungle terrain to Southeast Asia, Fixed broken frontlines along the French-Belgian and Serbian-Bulgarian borders, Added new portraits for Italian countries. Fixed Mittelafrikan events referring to Goering when he is not the leader. Fixed Costa Rica not losing the Monroe Doctrine national spirit . Fixed White Ruthenias secret deal with Socialist Russia still going through, despite a change in White Ruthenia's government. Fixed Liu Xiang being able to create a faction when already allied. We hope you enjoy playing Kaiserreich as much as we did making it! Zhang Zuolin no longer attends his own funeral. Improved Argentinas AI for their war against Chile. Fixed AuthDem Shandong not sending volunteers to the League of Eight Provinces collapse war. Fixed Syria getting wargoals on non-existing Arabian countries. Democratic and Military Central America have had their army focus length reduced to face the Mexican invasion better. Fixed Ottoman troops being teleported to Anatolia if Armenia rebels. Now Venice will only rise up in Veneto, but will receive foreign aid after 180 days. For Syria, the Aleppen wing of People's Party now increases SocLib popularity in other countries, rather than SocCon. A crash caused by the UK fleet refurbishment has been fixed. Added garrisons to Ascension and Saint Helena. Gave player more control over whether or not Carol II dies in the assassination event. Fixed Fengtian and Shanxis map colour, when puppeted by L-KMT. The Central Asian tags no longer guarantee each other. Fixed the Baltic Duchy keeping the Forest Brothers' resistance. Lowered the population of South West Africa and has a single factory. Fixed South Africa entering a war it cannot fight due to the Wavering Dominion national spirit. Added a flavour event for Argentina about the 40th anniversary of the Antarctic Expedition. Fixed Greece permanently not being able to join the Reichspakt if they seize Germanys industries, instead of temporarily. Fixed Austria not getting a core on Transdanubia if Galicia was granted to Poland. Increased the amount of military factories that spawn at the start of the American Civil War. Fixed the West Indies Federation getting planes from a France who has an inappropriate ideology, and asking for them when the receiver of the event does not have enough to give. Fixed an invalid Hawaiian cruiser variant. The is now more of a delay before Rhodesia and Natal join the Entente during the Third Boer War. Fixed the AI factors for Egypt attacking Ethiopia / National France. The Combined Syndicates Redouble Production national focus no longer gives Total Mobilisation, but now provides a stronger national spirit. Added Trento and Pola as new VPs for Austria. Added several coloured tooltips as hints to the path-choosing events in Sichuan. Fixed Aspremont-Lynden's missing portrait in Wallonia. Updated Herbert Hoovers description, and those for several later American presidents of all Civil War participants. Rio de Oro now has its own annexation decision. Fixed puppets of the same overlord being able to attack each other. The Indochinese Union is now just called Indochina. Fixed land reform not appearing for NatPop Poland. Canada can now choose to support New England in the American Civil War. Fixed the CSA receiving an event about Japan seizing the American motor companies. Japan will now wait a bit longer to attack German East Asia. Fixed the Sdwestafrika / Germany-in-Exile focus tree overlap. Fixed Romania committing its units to Serbia during the war with Austria. Fixed the USA being able to work with allies without the needed focus. Added Bouake as a potential Victory Point in the Ivory Coast. Fixed Siam keeping the engineer shortage decision, after the national spirit times out. Fixed New Englands Brooklyn Yard decision firing for the wrong country. Added the missing cosmetic changes (name/colour) for Lianguang and Hunan when they are puppeted by LKMT. Fixed Germany being able to integrate Switzerland twice. Gave a military factory to Kumul in their industrial tree. Fixed characters in Liangguang who were exiled from Sichuan or the Qing Government not joining the correct side in the Liangguang Civil War. Fixed Paraguays Estigarribia missing a trait. Added Czech, German and Romanian endonyms for Miskolc. Expanded the capabilities of Carles Argentina Buenos Aires - Lima Axis faction. Fixed Yasin Al Hashimi staying in Turkey and not going to Iraq. Removed Auf Auf Zum Kampf, Der Rote Wedding and Einheitsfrontlied, Added new version of Hang out the Washing of the Siegfried Line, Fixed tags for some Chinese and Commonwealth music, Sardinia now has the EU IV color, instead of the exact same color as the Philippines, Added a mountain range in Northern Manchuria, New citylights over SAF, Eastern Coast of MAF, Egypt, Ottoman Empire, Arabia, North America, China, Europe and Australasia, Removed several Soviet-created towns VPs in Siberia, Several states have been changed around in the Caucasus, United Baltic Duchy generals have been fully reworked and replaced, Nerfed massively production cost of SHDNG carrier conversion with few other stats, Canada doesnt start with DP secondaries available for all their ships, The vanilla events/decisions regarding war support and stability have been added in Kaiserreich, with a few changes and tweaks -- so you should be getting strikes/mutinies/draft dodging if youre at war and your stability or war support is too low, etc, Changed the timing of Fengtians Shenyang Conference and its impact on the Anqing Clique, so now Anqing decides whether to commit to help Fengtian based on the conferences outcome, Fengtian now requires war support to begin the National Reclamation War, instead of needing to wait until 1938, Fengtians Mantetsu Influence idea now sends civilian factories to Japan once the right influence threshold is reached, Added an event for POR and SOM if they get land from MAF's collapse, Ported recent air and land doctrine tech changes from vanilla, A large number of dead files have been removed with other remaned, submods touching those files will need to be updated, Added an idea to help the post MAF nations finish their wars, Enabled a player to switch to Korea during the revolt if they so wish, Added a warning when Japan is about to declare war on you, Fengtian can now refuse the offer from the Legation Cities to occupy Tianjin in exchange for a malus, and if they do accept the malus can be removed, Fengtians war support and political power gain/loss have been adjusted, Fengtians events, decisions, and focuses now better accommodate a puppeted Japan, Japan can now stage an attack in the Legation Cities, Russian AI is no longer less likely to take Mass Assault doctrine, Mexico no longer stays with a Paternal Autocrat government in case the campesinos war ends early, The leader descriptions have been standardized to not include date of birth, Events for micronations are now triggered by other events and have been broken up into their respective files, When Wallonia is taken over by Lahaut and goes Totalist it now leaves its faction and any wars its in, so Germany can now declare war on it if need be, Updated the code for Serbia, Romania, Italy, and Poland to watch for each others opportunity to attack Austria (mainly to keep up to date with Italys new decision for it), Japanese AI now far less likely to start a war with the Reichspakt or the Entente over Hawaii or Philippines, The AI will no longer spend PP on improving relations unless its over 200 PP, The Italian Republic now has a dockyard to start, Adjusted Two Sicilies AI weights for its focus tree, so it focuses more on the political and economic sections and doesnt simply do focuses at random, It is no longer possible for four separate Australasian delegations to appear at the Legation Council, Fixed an issue preventing Transamur from breaking free and progressing through their tree, Fixed an issues causing generals that werent meant to have trait being randomly given one, Fixed several CTDs caused by bad OOBs in China, Fixed British/Canadian annexation of Australasia, Fixed instance of Latvian and Estonian AI stalling out when the Baltic War begins, Monobe/Tokachi cruisers are now properly classified as Cruisers, Correction of starting naval techs (especially carriers) for multiple tags, Restored missing ships for SRI and ITA, re-classified PAP ships, GXC summoned peasant militias will actually spawn now, Zhang Zongchang no longer shows up at Shenyang if he was already defeated, Fixed an issue where you could get unlimited cores as the Left Kuomintang via aligned puppets, Fixed river crossing issue in one of the Indian border states, Fixed Legation Cities country paths not working correctly, West Indies Federation can no longer request ships from a non-allied Canada, Adjusted Greek referendum focus so its no longer cancelled if Greece goes to war halfway through the focus, Fixed bad event id for Saudi caliphate focus, If Japan releases Fengtian, any cosmetic tag it had will now be dropped, SRI Radical Socialist government no longer receives secular event, Nepal now has a peace event for its war with Dominion of India and the Entente, Australasia now automatically becomes a republic when released as a puppet (so no more Governor-General heads of state or British flags), Fixed SRIs Fifth Congress so it doesnt break if all three events arent picked the same way, and so its now possible to stalemate just like in the Fourth Congress, A new icon for Qings Gongxian Arsenal focus, A new icon for the LEPs Krupp and Deutsch Asiatische focuses, A new icon for Yunnans FuDian Bank Reorganization focus, Fixed radio stations names not showing up correctly with certain combinations of mods, Changed Ulster to its Northern Ireland jurisdictions, Moved Derry VP to its proper place on the coast, Moved a lake province from Hejiang to Vladivostok to avoid issues with the integration decisions, Almost all Brazilian leaders, both for Brazil itself and the splinter states, now have leader descriptions, Buffed Mongolia in multiple ways to make it a little easier to fight the Ma Clique and easier for the AI to survive, Alash Orda, Georgia now start with a Field Marshal, Added an event for China to peace out with the Legation Cities western coalition.